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MEET OUR MARSHALS: World War II Grand Marshal Mike Rizzo*

* PARADE ORGANIZERS’ NOTE: We are very saddened to learn that Mike Rizzo has passed away. We were fortunate he was able to attend our “Meet the Grand Marshals” event in September, and are honored that his family will be making the trip to Phoenix to take his place in the 2018 Parade in his […]

MEET OUR MARSHALS: Vietnam War Grand Marshal Santo Graziano

You might say Santo Graziano was born into the U.S. Army. His father was a Commander in the Army and was stationed in Italy during World War II, where he met and married an Italian girl, and young Santo was born. After graduating from college, Graziano and his brother decided to follow in their father’s […]

MEET OUR MARSHALS: Cold War Grand Marshal Anthony Irby

Anthony Irby was just out of high school when he joined the U.S. Army in 1988, towards the end of the Cold War. Just a year earlier, President Ronald Reagan had delivered his famous “tear down this wall” speech, and the dissolution of the USSR was looming in early 1990. That same year, however, another conflict […]

MEET OUR MARSHALS: Desert Storm Grand Marshal Gene Wood

Gene Wood is a proud veteran who served as an advisor to the Army and the National Guard in the southeast part of the United States. His experience includes helicopter mechanics, a leadership role as Crew Chief, as well as advisor to the Technical Assistance and Fielding Team (TAFT) between the Saudi Arabian and United […]

MEET OUR MARSHALS: Operation Enduring Freedom Grand Marshal Ian Parkinson

“If there’s one thing that’s held true my entire life, it’s that I wanted to stand up for my country. Afghanistan is where I was given the opportunity to do just that,” says 28-year-old Ian Parkinson. He was inspired by his family’s long history of military service: father and uncles, Vietnam-era veterans; grandfathers, World War […]

MEET OUR MARSHALS: Operation Iraqi Freedom Grand Marshal Abby Malchow

Whether it’s equality, suicide prevention, community engagement or bravery, when it comes to veterans, Abby Malchow is there. She is a proud Iraq war veteran who deployed to Fallujah and Ramadi in 2006 with Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 40, where she led an all-male crew that included three Iraqis. Post-deployment, the Navy Logistics Specialist joined […]


Honoring Arizona’s Veterans and the Phoenix Veterans Day Parade are so grateful for all our sponsors – without which the Parade would never happen! The team at one of our new sponsors this year, Bank of America, took the time to write about what it means to be involved:   Bank of America Elevates Veteran […]


  As we prepare for our 21st annual Phoenix Veterans Day Parade this Saturday, we urge you to consider these ways you can show veterans you care on this important day. (Courtesy of 1. SHOW UP Attend a Veterans Day event in your area ‒ not just a picnic with friends, but an honest-to-goodness […]

Aaron Dudney


We were thrilled to see our Honoring Arizona’s Veterans President, Aaron Dudney, featured in a great video by APS! They say: “Twenty percent of our workforce are veterans, including Aaron Dudney, Manager Information Technology: ‘As far as my job goes at APS today, it’s every bit as fulfilling as when I was in the military.’” […]